Uninstall/Reinstall AC

Having errors in AC?
Reinstalling is one of the solution.

1. Make sure that your current AC is properly closed and not running.

2. Open Run Command Window.



3. Open Control Panel
        *Type: appwiz.cpl
        *Click OK


4. Uninstall AC
        *On the Programs and Features window, locate AC


        *Right-click on AC then click Uninstall/Change


5. AC Uninstaller Package
        *Click the Proceed to uninstall button


6. Un-installation Process
        *Wait for the process to finish


7. Uninstall Complete
        *Once un-installation is done, it should prompt you that uninstall is complete.


8. Re-start your computer for the changes to take effect.

9. Once computer has restarted , download the latest AC version
        *Download link on teacher's mypage account

10. Open Downloads folder
       *Locate AC Installer


        *Double-click on the file to run the installer.

11. Security Warning window
        *Click Run if you are prompted with a security warning window.


12. 51 Talk AC Installer
        *Choose and click English as the language.


13. Accept license and agreement
        *Place a check mark to agree to the License Agreement


        *Then click the Quick Installation button

14. Installation Process
       *Wait for the whole installation process to finish


15. AC Launch
        *After installing, AC log in window will open.


        *Log in your credentials.

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