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Anti-virus causing error on AC Video

AC Video problem – This has been caused by the recent updates of anti-virus on its internet security that mainly causing the AC Video streaming to malfunction, and this doesn't mean that the AC program has virus content or malaware, * Check video if it’s working on Skype or QQ – if it’s working then proceed on this trouble shooting steps. * Uninstall the AC and install the newer version > * Install the AC u...

No need to Reopen Closed or Resolved Tickets

Dear Teachers, 

Once a ticket or chat is marked Resolved on your "My tickets" , please refrain from re-opening this. The ticket will stay closed and support won't be able to see this. 

What you can do instead is create a new ticket or new chat and reference the previous ticket number you want to review. 



Thank you for your cooperation! 

51Talk Support Team

Fees Concerns

Hi Teachers,

Please submit a ticket for fees concerns.

We will respond to your Fees Concerns tickets in 24 to 48 hours. Please DO NOT submit duplicate tickets. 

Follow up with your concerns after 48 hours if you have not received any reply on your email address or on "My Tickets" on the Support Portal (top right of the page) . Please make sure you attach all necessary screenshots and documentation in the ticket. Thank you for your patience and understanding.