Setting proxy on your browser

Can't connect to MyPage?
Set proxy to your browser.

Workaround to access MyPage using Google Chrome
Disclaimer: Once the proxy was set, you can only access the 51talk website. Other websites will be inaccessible. If you will access other websites. You may just simply uncheck the check box for proxy server.

1. Open your browser
        *Click the Customize and control Google Chrome button.


        *Click settings

2. On the search bar, type “proxy”


        *Then click the Change proxy settings button.

3. Click the LAN Settings button.


4. Local Area Network (LAN) Settings
        *Check Automatically detect settings under Automatic configuration.

        *Check the following under Proxy server:
            - Use a proxy server for your LAN (These settings will not apply to dial-up or VPN connections).
            - Bypass proxy server for local addressess


        *Then enter the following details under Proxy server:
            Port: 80

5. Disabling Proxy settings
        *Un-check Use a proxy server for your LAN…..


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