Basis of students' evaluation to teachers in a Free Talk class

Aug 10, 2017
Rhoda Pia wrote
We are all aware that evaluation in this kind of teaching-learning process is reversed as students are the ones evaluating their teachers instead of the other way. By this, I think it should be proper for the students to give reasons as to why they evaluate their teachers the way they do. What are their basis of scoring? What do they think are the teacher's flaws? What were they expecting that were not met by the teacher? or other things of sort specially in a "free talk class". There should be indications as to why these students, who couldn't even introduce themselves properly using the universal language, would rate a teacher for as low as 77%. Yes, I am talking about my very recent experience which I can't really get over with. That is the lowest grade I have ever received, for an English class, in my entire existence. That's why I am really fussing over it. Our chances of being booked should depend on how we conduct our classes effectively. Not based on how these nasty students evaluate us.

I understand a Free talk class can be conducted with topics anything everything under the sun. But I still think that students should be required to give us a topic that they are interested to talk about. That way, we teachers would have ideas on how to throw out questions to them and what sort of things to focus on. And if it's possible, it would be good if we can have an option as to what kind of lessons to teach. Because as for me, I don't want to conduct a free talk class at all.

These kinds of evaluations affect the teachers' eagerness to teach. And honestly, I don't know how to face that particular student, who gave me a 77 rating, in our next class. He booked my slot for another free talk class tonight :( which I find awkward and ironic.

I've already submitted a ticket about this concern but really, I can't get over it, thus the comment and suggestion.
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Aug 11, 2017
LS-Percy agent wrote
Hi Teacher Rhoda Pia,

We're sorry that we have missed your chat. We do understand where you're coming from and it is really frustrating to receive a low score even though you did your best. In regards with your concern, you may actually see on what field/category the student gave you a low score on. You may go to your "My Promotion Summary" tab > 'My Promotion Detail" > click on the score on the date you received the low evaluation and you will see it there. You may also check it by clicking on the details on your service score and check on which components your score decreased. Further more, you may contact our QA team via Skype: live:hbtqaconcerns or to have the lesson checked and evaluation validated. Please note, however, that our QA team may evaluate the lesson in totality including quality of teaching.

If you have other questions/concerns, please don't hesitate to message us.

Thank you for contacting 51Talk Lesson Support!



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Aug 11, 2017
Rhoda Pia wrote
Hi LS-Percy. Thank you for your reply. I just did what you suggested and I saw that my score for internet connection is 12/15 which is unbelievable. I am using 20mpbs FIBR connection and I am very sure that there is no problem on my end when it comes to that. I have a screenshot of a speed test I did yesterday to attest to that. There were times when the student came on and off and there was an instance when he has to leave the classroom for a few minutes and when he came back he said there was a problem on his internet connection. So I can't understand how did it become my fault.
Anyway, as I've said I already submitted a ticket and is still open now. Re-evaluation of the whole class is fine with me. I would love that so I'd also know what needs to be improved on my part^^. Thank you.
Aug 11, 2017
System wrote
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