Jun 23, 2017
Teacher Maria Pepin - NF wrote
Anyone else having this problem. I am having problems with the website, my internet is working just fine just when I try to log in just to see if I have classes or to make changes to my schedule it is not allowing me to. It stays loading for a long time. Just wanted to report these issues . It started today, first time I have had an issue
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Jun 23, 2017
Joy agent wrote
Hi Teacher,

We have just confirmed that Mypage and AC is having some issues at the moment and China IT is working on it teacher just continue to your class and kindly save this ticket number for proof: BGZ-SOYBB-311 and we will send an e-mail later once it is already fixed. Thank you. If you need assistance in plotting of your class you may chat your lesson support team teacher.

Joy - Technical Helpdesk