Installing ZD Screen Recorder (Installation and Setup)

ZD Soft Screen Recorder Installation and Setup

  • Download the ZD screen recorder folder on this link


  • After downloading right click on the file and extract it. (see screenshot below as sample on how to extract the file)

  • Once extracted go to the folder of the extracted file and you may now start installing the program.
  • Run the “ScnRec” file.






  • Click Next

  • Accept license agreement the click “Next”

  • Choose “Typical” installation

  • Click install

  • Once completed, click “Finish”



  • After installing, run the ZD application on your desktop

  • To capture your whole screen follow these setup under “Screen” tab. (see screenshot below)

  • To capture your voice together with the recording follow this setup under “Audio” tab. (see screenshot below)




How to Register:

  • Click the key icon beside buy now.

  • You will now see this box

  • To know what you will enter under Name, Email and Key. Run the keygen file on the ZD folder that you have extracted. ( see screenshots below)





  • Then you will see this window that will give you the details for the Name, Email and Key.

  • Just Copy and paste the details to the Register box on ZD app

  • Then click “OK”

  • Done! The app is now registered. As you notice the buy now button is gone on the main screen.


For any technical concern/assistance, start a chat session with us by clicking the chat button at the bottom of this page. We are online from 08:00-23:00 Beijing Time (UTC+8:00)