Anti-virus causing error on AC Video


AC Video problem – This has been caused by the recent updates of anti-virus on its internet security that mainly causing the AC Video streaming to malfunction, and this doesn't mean that the AC program has virus content or malaware, 


  1. Check video if it’s working on Skype or QQ – if it’s working then proceed on this trouble shooting steps.



  • Install the AC using the custom installation and create a folder name




  • Once installed run the program and set the settings of video > you should see that the video is not showing any output or its just showing a black pane.


  • Go back to the folder where you installed the program and rename the folder name into a diff one



  • Open the newly renamed folder and open ACTalk.exe file name




  • Go back to the video settings and re-set the video properties by choosing the right hardware.


  1. If the troubleshooting steps above did not fixed the issue then this only means that there is a software conflict or hardware malfunction on the video camera itself.