QQ Biz Installation Error / Fatal Error

QQ Biz Installation Error / Fatal Error

Error Message:


- This fatal error occurs because the antivirus is blocking the "kbqsvc.exe" file that is needed to install biz QQ.

- What you need to do is to check your antivirus' blocked and allowed files or the quarantine. Then look for the "kbqsvc.exe" file the allow or unblock it so the installation would be successful.


Sample screenshots from WEBROOT antivirus:


- Allow or unblock the said file

- then you may now install biz QQ again and it would continue

- After the installation and you run biz QQ, there will be a notification from your antivirus about "QQEIM.exe" just choose Allow always so there will be no notification when you run biz QQ.

- Done!