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Mar 21, 2016
Teacher Paul Ren - HBT wrote
As everybody is experiencing the problem with the new Support system, it is becoming INEFFICIENT. Lots of angry Teachers.

1. Long queue.
2. No human touch.
3. No Support Experience (Same with Customer Service Level Experience)
4. It does slow down other teacher's computers because of bandwidth and additional use of the cpu RAM.

1. Skype - For LIVE speaking Lesson Support, Tech Support, Coach and Fees.
2. AC, Ladesk Lesson Support, Ladesk Tech Support,Ladesk Coach and Fees in ONE Website. There will be a ticket generator for each department then it will be addressed in SKYPE WITH A LIVE support.
3. Pop up will only be the AC from the unified website.
4. Reason why SKYPE is a better communication medium - IF WEBSITE GOES DOWN We can communicate via Skype.
5. Emergency mirror website of the unified website just in case it crashes.
6. Get more servers to accommodate students and teachers.

As a Trainer, I will personally train the Proper Customer Service (Teacher Support Service) Approach adaptation for all Support groups. Other trainers are welcome to contribute.

I have an improved process flow ready for the UNIFIED Website where all support , HBTs, Coaches and Fees will log in ONE WEBSITE with their perspective and required tools needed.

Other concerns:
I did recall in a convention in Ortigas a few quotes...and we appreciate these to be addressed:
"51Talk has a stress free work load," Right now? Not that close.
"51Talk is the highest paying company." Right now? We are left behind by competitors with few students. Increase base pay per class for Junior Teachers should be 80.00PHP , Senior Teacher A 100.00PHP . Senior Teacher B 140.00PHP
"51Talk moves forward for improvement and we are open for suggestions." - - It will take a lot of angry teachers before action is being made, and this is not a good practice.

Why do we still stay with 51Talk?
1. Convenient
2, Room for growth and improvement.
3. Increase knowledge and skills.
4. We believe that 51Talk can make improvements.

1. We receive rude or poor responses from various support groups.Hence, some teachers get angry. YOU can't blame us as most of us are working for quite some time now and we now how to work effectively and efficiently.
2. Response time is getting longer...not our problem...hire more support reps. We are getting the blame here from students.
3. Late fee penalty adjustments needs to be verified and will be credited the next pay out. NOT FAIR. Process should be immediate and within cut off and be credited at the expected payout. Tickets, screenshots and other info is already enough proof.

Hope all of these concerns will be addressed.
A good company is good, IF the employees are well taken cared off, especially those who are at the frontline....WE THE HBTs.

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