How to Install Flash Player Active X

How to Install Adobe Flash Player Active X

  • For “Step 1” select the Operating System that corresponds to your computer’s Operating System (ex. Windows 7)
  • For “Step 2” select “FP for Internet Explorer - Active X”

  • Remove the check for all of the checkboxes.

  • Then click “Download Now”.
  • It will now start downloading Flash Player Active X

  • If this yellow bar appear below, just click on “Save”

  • Once download is complete you will see the white bar below then just click “Open Folder” to see the installer that you have downloaded.

  • The file looks like this. (see screenshot below)

  • Just open the file to begin installation of Flash Player Active X
  • If there is a prompt that asks if you want to install updates for adobe flash, just select “Allow updates….(Recommended) then click “Next”.

  • Just wait for the installation to finish.


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