unfair and unethical penalty points???

May 09, 2017
Jessy Kurr - NA wrote
I think that the complaint problem should be investigated before deciding to add the complaint onto a teacher's profile, and before deducting that -.5 point from their score. I received my very first complaint from a cranky parent today, and it automatically showed on my score, which affects my future bookings, because other students/parents can see that. The matter wasn't even looked into beforehand. And I didn't even do anything wrong. I think that the penalty points are kind of unfair, because I get ONE bad review from a grumpy parent who was just looking to complain. And it's just not fair that I have to have that nasty, negative, false evaluation on my page forever.

Also, it's unfair to the teachers that the student/parent can mark us absent, even if we weren't, and give us negative reviews, even if they are lying. Most of the time my students have very poor internet connection, and even though I show proof that my internet is great, they are still able to rate my internet connection as poor, and say that my pronunciation and knowledge was incorrect, etc. I mean, they are the ones learning, so how would they even know? The parents will get upset because of the lesson that THEY picked for their child, or that the company picked, and us teachers get the blame for it. We just teach the lesson, and correct any mistakes that the student has. We have no control over how unsatisfying the lesson material was to the parent/student. Yet, us teachers get the blame for it. The parents give the teachers low ratings, just because they didn't like the lesson material that day. They shouldn't be able to rate us poorly because of that one thing. They should have to provide proof as well.

Also, a lot of the material given is way too easy for most of my students. They are usually at the wrong level for their specific needs, and we end up getting done early. But if I try to give them bonus material to fill up time, they complain and get confused. So all I can do is repeat the lesson over again, and then the parents complain. If the student is shy or distracted, the parent still complains and blames it on the teacher. The parents expect the teachers to have control over everything, and honestly, we don't. Us teachers are actually kept in the dark about most things, and are very limited to what we actually have access to.

And one more thing I'd like to just vent about...I get students entering my class with major distractions. They will be eating or doing their homework, or even chatting on the computer with their friends. I also have many parents talking loudly in Chinese in the background during a lesson. If they want their child to learn English, they shouldn't be distracting them like that. Their child should have headphones, or be in a quiet room. That should be required before they enter the classroom. I can't help it if their children get distracted by things in their own home. And when a student is using the mobile classroom, I am unable to use any of the tools on the board. Overall, I just feel that the teachers aren't appreciated as much as they should be. It seems that the rules are constantly changing, and it's hard to keep up. I haven't even received my teacher Skype ID's yet, and it's been over a month. My trainer never knows how to help me most of the time, and is completely clueless to everything. And I all of a sudden cannot contact my orientation person. They all of a sudden don't use Skype anymore, and use "Zoom", but when I tried to contact them on there about my ID's, they never responded. And my trainer has absolutely no idea how to resolve that issue. So therefore, I cannot complain via Skype support about anything.

These are just a few suggestions that I hope will be resolved in the future. I know I have many more, but I just can't think of them at the moment.
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May 10, 2017
Cleo - AA Support agent wrote
Hi teacher Jessy,

Thank you for contacting us today. I am sorry to hear about the complaint. Generally we cannot modify the given complaint/evaluation but it can still be validated for it not to be taken against your standing. You can provide any proof that we can submit to China Admin for review and validation.

Regarding the student's being in a room conducive to learning, we understand where you are coming from and it is true that it is best that a child be in the area where there is less distraction and noise. I suggest that you include that in your lesson memo in order for the parent to consider your suggestion in their future lessons but as you are aware that is beyond our control.

For the student's using mobile phones, please have them transfer to a PC for better lesson experience as not to have any tech issues like audio/video issues. If student's can't transfer to a PC and it is affecting your lesson it is best to refer them to CS hotline 4000-515151.

The Policy/rules may change as indicated from the service agreement one way of the company's opportunities to improve and we are working on this specific situation to build a better solution. Thank you for your understanding.


Cleo - AA support