AC problem

Nov 16, 2017
Teacher Lexy Beth wrote
Hi. Good day! I just had my first class last night for 51talk. During my class, I had a problem with my audio. My headset seemed not detected by my laptop. The voice is coming from my laptop speaker and not with my headset. Can you please help me address this problem?
3 Answers
Nov 18, 2017
Teacher Ann Dita wrote
hi , good day. I have my first class today by 11:30 am, but i cannot get in the class. It shows no reservation. Can you help me ?
Nov 19, 2017
Nadiyah Mu - NA wrote
Hey I am having the same exact issue as the chat above
Nov 19, 2017
Nadiyah Mu - NA wrote
my portal page comes up blank as I have attached screenshot