Skype Account Suspended Issue

Skype Account Suspended Issue

This issue usually happens to newly given skype accounts created from Microsoft live.

To activate suspended accounts you must do the following steps.

  • Log in with Web Skype using this link


  • Once you are on the log in page. Enter your skype ID and password then click “Sign in”.

  • Once you enter your Skype ID, the page will look like this (see screenshot below)
  • It detects that your account is a microsoft skype live account. Then just enter your password.


  • After signing in you will see the notification that your skype account is suspended. Just click “Continue”.

  • Then on the next page, enter the country that you’re in and fill out your mobile phone number wherein they will send the verification/access code. Then once you have entered your number click “Send code” (see images below for reference)

  • Few seconds after, you will receive a text message with the verification/access code. Enter the access code on the box then click “Submit”.

  • After clicking submit, it will now prompt you that the account us now unblocked. Then just click "Continue".
  • Once done you may now try to log in with your skype app.


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