Skype Audio and Video Settings

Having audio and video issues?
Adjust your Skype's settings.

1. Adjust Audio and Video Settings
        *Click Tools on the Menu Bar then select Options


2. Select headset as device for Skype
        *Under General, click Audio Settings tab


        *Select your headset on the drop down list on both Microphone and Speakers
        *Click Save

3. Check video
        *Under General, click Video Settings


        *Wait for your video to load.

4. What to do if Video does not work

        Using external camera:
          *Close video settings; re-plug your camera; then check video settings again.
          *If still not loading, check if working on other apps.
          *If not working on other app, webcam may be defective. Use another webcam.

        Using internal camera:
          *Check on other apps if video is loading.
          *If not loading on other apps, have your computer checked by local technician.

          Note: You may disable all other installed camera. Use this link on how to:

5. Check audio and video
        *Conduct echo test


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