Cannot find or load Microsoft Installer (Skype Issue)

Cannot find or load Microsoft Installer (Skype Issue)

Error Message:



1.) Uninstall Skype on your PC. If skype is already removed on your PC, you may proceed to step 2.

- Go to Control panel > Programs and Features

- Under programs and features, look for the skype application and then click it and click Uninstall ( see image below for reference)


2.) After uninstalling skype, restart your PC.

3.) After restarting, download this lower version of skype


4.) After downloading, install the downloaded version of skype on your PC. Then you may check now if you can run skype.


Note: The skype version is 7.14 which is an old version of skype. If you want to update your skype you may turn on "auto update" on skype Tools > Options > Advanced Settings > Automatic Updates. You will see a prompt if you want to update skype when you log in.