Complaints From Students and Its Effect

Jan 10, 2017
Teacher Charanni wrote
Just to be fair lang sana and para na rin sa mga hardworking teachers...Most especially for some who opens 25-36 classes everyday who has a bigger chance to get complaints/absences/errors. Actually my suggestion about complaints (to be fair) is to get it investigated first before taking effect. Yes, it's really "unfair" ika nga. But complaints are actually a serious matter for hardworking teachers. First, it has a -.2 or -.5 deduction from our service scores. Second, it demotivates teachers. (to be honest), Third, let's be transparent here. Sana the complaints can be provided in detail. Kahit walang pangalan ng student. It is one way to improve our weaknesses and to think na the company wanted teachers to provide the best quality of teaching for their students, please try to correct our mistakes din naman po sana.

Well, if there will be AC errors, not all the students will understand what the situation is. So we can get complaints coming from them. And sa part pa lang na ito, UNFAIR naman talaga. Imagine, malat na malat na ako sa pagtuturo, matuto lang yung student. Suddenly, both parties couldn't hear each other. Especially sa mga naka mobile network lang. So, minus -.2 kaagad yun. Then if there will be no lesson held at minarkahan mo namang absent, -.5 kaagad yun sa service score if ever they will give a complaint dahil minarkahan mo silang absent.

Let's be honest here. Takot yung mga teachers mag transfer ng class sa QQ even if it's mandatory, because para sa mga students, it is really inconvenient. But teachers doesn't have any choice kundi hingin yung QQ ng student. So, wala ka ngang complaint, yari naman yung evaluation mo.

Well wala namang mali sa pagiging "Fair" when it comes to giving complaints di po ba?. Investigate muna sana before magreflect and magbawas sa service scores ng teachers. Kasi the students depend on teacher's service score kung ibu-book ka ba nila o hindi. So kung 99.4 ka sa evaluation. Magiging 98.9 ka na lang. To be honest, medyo malaki ang difference sa mata kung ikukumpara kasi nag- 98 ka na, So kung gusto mong buksan lahat ng slots mo, may malaking chance talagang hindi ka ma-book kahit 100% ka pa. E kung naka tatlong complaint ka, then lahat AC error? There are no disputes for the complaints di po ba?

Ok lang pong walang disputes yung complaints kung dumaan sa investigation yung naging problema. Kung kumakain ka sa class, then nag complain si student, siguro yung ganon pwede. But most of the time kasi, it's due to their system. As much as possible I don't want to complain about the system, kasi yung AC naman is talagang kahanga hanga. But di parin maiiwasang magka problema yan kasi online tayo. So, yun lang po sana. Being fair is a common word here sa 51talk. Pero sana, bigyang pansin talaga. Para dumami pa tayo.

Wag naman po samin lahat ang bagsak ng complaints. Sana may "COMPLAINT DUE TO AC ERROR" din. Wag na sana yung "COMPLAINING TEACHER BECAUSE SHE SUDDENLY LEFT THE CLASSROOM."

Thank you and signing off.
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